Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council will advise City officials and staff on policies, programs, and issues relating to youth in the community, and will strive to ensure that youth are an integral part of the City’s decision-making processes.

If you are interested in an appointment to the Youth Advisory Council, please complete and submit the Youth Advisory Council Application by September 28, 2018. If applying by mail, send to Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation Bob Smith, 121 N. Bentz St., Frederick, MD 21701.

Complete the application online or download the application

If you are interested in an appointment as an adult, non-voting member, please complete the Commission Vacancy Application.
As a non-voting member of the Youth Advisory Council, each nonvoting member must be an individual at least 18 years old employed by or otherwise affiliated with an organization that provides services to children or youth in the City


Agendas available prior to meeting
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Minutes are available upon approval
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