Mission Statement

The mission of the Sustainability Manager and Sustainability Committee is to provide guidance on and lead projects that maintain balance between economic, social, and ecological needs of residents and businesses for today and future generations. Sustainable projects will help provide better transportation, buildings, neighborhoods, parks, and healthy places to work and live. The Sustainability team works with all departments and with the public for holistic project management.

2016 Sustainability Plan

Tree Frederick

Five Trees For Me

Five Trees For Me is a program to encourage all residents to each plant five trees in their own yards or HOA common spaces. The City’s goal is to reach 40% canopy coverage by 2030 and we currently have 19% coverage. We need your help! Our canopy assessment shows that we have the most potential planting spaces on private land. Maryland DNR offers $25 tree coupons for trees on their recommended tree list if purchased from a participating nursery.

Add your new trees or existing trees to the tree map! Register for a free account and then add a tree. There is a handy video to help you learn how to measure your tree just below the field to enter your tree’s diameter or circumference. You’ll also need to know what kind of tree it is. If you don’t know, send us a few pictures and we may be able to help! Add as many trees as you’d like. (Street trees will be added by our City Arborist, Tom Rippeon so there’s no need to add them in).