False Alarm Reduction Program


In July of 2007, the City of Frederick adopted a false alarm ordinance in effort to reduce the number of false alarm dispatch requests. Each year, the Frederick Police Department responds to thousands of false alarm calls for service. The goals of the ordinance are to maximize police resources by educating the community on ways to prevent false alarms and to encourage alarm users to maintain the operational reliability and proper use of alarm systems. The ordinance includes initial registration requirements, annual renewal requirements, and penalties for false alarms.

Please visit http://faraonline.org for a wide variety of free resources that are available to alarm users/operators. Please use these resources to learn how you can be part of the solution to reduce false alarms in our community. For questions or concerns about the about the False Alarm Reduction Program, please contact Meredith Wivell by phone at 301-600-2139 or via email at mwivell@frederickmdpolice.org.

Register your Alarm System

Helpful Resources

If you choose not to register online, mail to:

Frederick Police Department
c/o False Alarm Reduction Coordinator
100 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Fax: 301-600-2082