Neighborhood Advisory Council

April 18  NAC 11 7 pm @ Brewers Alley (2nd floor)
April 27  NAC 5 7 pm @ Taskers Chance Pool House
May 2   NAC 7 7 pm @ East of Market Apartments (100 Holling Dr.)
May 3 NAC 1 7 pm @ Whittier Elementary School
May 10 NAC 8 7 pm @ Hillcrest Commons Center (1150 Orchard Terr.)
May 11 NAC 4 7 pm @ Wormans Mill Clubhouse
May 15 NAC 10 7 pm @ Burck Street Center (413 Burck Street)
May 16 NAC 11 7 pm @ Brewers Alley (2nd floor)
May 17 NAC 6/9 7 pm @ Talley Recreation Center (classroom)
May 25 NAC 5 7 pm @ Taskers Chance Pool House

The Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) is a forum for residents to become involved in identifying and recommending positive changes to improve their neighborhoods by enhancing communications with elected officials. It is the goal of the elected officials to work with residents to understand and address the issues that impact the quality of life in neighborhoods.

The NAC initiative was developed in response to community input provided during the 2002 series of community forums.

More Information

To obtain additional information about the NAC or to suggest improvements to the plan or the approved NAC map, please contact Michele Bowman via phone (301) 600-2091 or via email at

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