Snow Removal

Mission Statement

The Department of Public Works endeavors to remove snow and ice from the streets of the City of Frederick, from curb to curb, or shoulder to shoulder, to provide a safe driving surface to its users. Snow and ice will be removed to provide bare, uncovered asphalt upon which to drive. The Department of Public Works will also remove snow and ice from City-owned parking lots and parking decks, sidewalks at City facilities, sidewalks on City bridges, and other City facilities.

Snow App

If you are interested in the status of your street during a winter weather event please click above.

Who Decides When the Snow Emergency Plan is Declared?

During the initial assessment by the Street Maintenance Superintendent, or applicable designees, to determine the type and magnitude of impending weather, a dialogue is started with the On Duty Supervisor of the City Police (x22101 or 22102). If there is sufficient information, (i.e. forecast of large accumulation of snow, poor driving conditions, whenever Frederick County or SHA declared an emergency, etc.), it will be passed along the chain of command for both the City Police and the Department of Operations. Once a recommendation to implement the Snow Emergency Plan has been made the Deputy Director of Operations, or applicable designees, with the approval of the Mayor, shall initiate the Snow Emergency Policy.

Upon receiving approval, the Public Works Department shall notify the Public Information Officer (PIO) via cell phone and email, who will in turn contact the local media, including the local radio station, the Frederick News Post, Cable Channel 99, and the local TV stations. The notice provided to the media shall include the time the Snow Emergency will take effect, which will be at least 2 hours after the Notice has been given to the media. Any other relevant facts, such as parking restrictions, driving restrictions, etc, shall also be provided upon declaring the Snow Emergency.

After the "Snow Emergency" has been declared, citizens will have two hours to remove their vehicles from snow emergency routes within the City limits (as listed on the website). After the two hour period, the Police Department will initiate enforcement, which could include a parking citation and removal of cars remaining on snow emergency routes. Enforcement and removal of vehicles will be coordinated between Public Works and the Police Department. After the need for the Snow Emergency has been eliminated, the Department of Public Works will notify the PIO, who will in turn notify the media.

Should the Mayor be unavailable, The Mayor's designee will assume the duties to approve the declaration of a Snow Emergency.

During the declaration of a Snow Emergency, and on streets designated as Snow Emergency Routes in this Snow Plans, there shall be No Parking allowed. Any vehicles parked on these streets may be towed at the owner's expense. Also, snow tires or chains will be required on any vehicles traveling on these routes.