Rental Rates

The William R. Talley Recreation Center has a number of facilities available for public rental. See the information below on rooms that are available and pricing. For more information or to reserve a room please contact our Registration & Reservation desk at 301-600-1492. You can also visit us in person, Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm at 121 N. Bentz Street / Frederick MD / 21701.

Security Deposit
A Security Deposit is required and payable at the time of application. Non alcohol events will require a $500.00 deposit and alcohol events will require a $1000.00 deposit. This is not required for single court or room rentals. Larger social events or parties may require a higher security deposit to be determined by staff and not to exceed $2500.00.

Gymnasium Rental
EventCityNon City
Sporting Event$250.00$500.00
Non Sporting Event$300.00$600.00
Single Court$20.00$40.00
Note: Can only rent up to two single courts for sporting events only; three courts will constitute a full gymnasium Sporting Event Rental.

Meeting Room Rental
RoomCapacityPictureCityNon City
Multi Purpose Room B (MPB)15View Image$50.00100.00
Hall of Fame (HoF)20View Image$50.00$100.00
Classroom A (CrmA)30View Image$20.00$40.00
Classroom B (CrmB)15View Image$20.00$40.00
Conference Room (ConRm)45View Image$20.00$40.00
Historic Room (HistRm)15View Image$20.00$40.00
Nature Room (NatRm)15View Image$20.00$40.00
Mult Purpose Room 3 (MPR3)50View Image$50.00$100.00
KitchenN/AView Image$100.00$200.00

Equipment Rentals
Tables15$10.00 each
Folding Chairs70$2.00 each