Monocacy Boulevard Project

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Video Overview

Watch the "City Issues" program about the project.

The Project

The Monocacy Boulevard, Central Section Phase 2 project extends from the intersection of Monocacy Boulevard and Gas House Pike to the intersection of Monocacy Boulevard and Schifferstadt Boulevard. The project includes the construction of approximately 3,550 linear feet of a four-lane roadway inclusive of a new two-lane bridge and the rehabilitation of the existing two-lane bridge over the Monocacy River. The project also includes a new traffic signal at the intersection of Monocacy Boulevard and Gas House Pike. The road will have much the same character as Schifferstadt Boulevard, and the most recent portion of Monocacy Boulevard, with sidewalks, a shared use path, landscaped medians, etc.

Quick Facts

  • Contractor: Milani Construction, LLC
  • Original Contract Total: $21,683,901
  • Current Contract Total (as of September 30, 2018): 21,475,886
  • Notice to Proceed Date: February 6, 2017
  • Contract Duration: 825 calendar days (Substantial Completion)
  • Percent Project Complete (as of October 31, 2018): 67%
  • Scheduled Substantial Completion: Summer 2019 (Revised based on weather)
  • Engineering Department
    Municipal Office Annex
    140 West Patrick Street
    Frederick, MD 21701
    Phone: 301-600-1498
    Fax: 301-600-3843

What the Monocacy Boulevard Project Accomplishes

  • Make Monocacy Boulevard straighter, safer, less likely to flood and able to serve four lanes of traffic - two in each direction
  • Construction of a new bridge over the Monocacy River, and rehabilitation of the existing bridge, providing improved accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Monocacy Boulevard and Gas House Pike
  • Ease access to/from North/East side of City

Why Monocacy Boulevard Must Be Closed Now

The project requires demolishing the existing road in order to construct the new four-lane road, along the same general alignment, but at a higher elevation.

Because the work follows the same general alignment of the existing road and the roadway will be raised, there is no room within the narrow corridor to shift traffic to one side or the other during demolition of the existing road or construction of the new road until construction is nearly complete.


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Update - August 2019

The project to realign and widen Monocacy Boulevard continues toward completion.

Construction of the new bridge is winding down, and repairs to the existing bridge have significantly progressed. The large new retaining wall adjacent to Carroll Creek is in place, allowing roadway fill work to continue. Overhead utility line relocations are complete, with remaining water, sewer and storm drain work in progress. The new signal at Gashouse Pike is installed and awaits activation. Fills to bring the remaining roadway to grade are being placed, with curb and gutter and paving to occur next.

The roadway will be opened to traffic once the contractor has brought the work to substantial completion. The City appreciates the public’s patience. We have planned this major transportation project to improve traffic flow from the southeast to northeast areas of the City, providing alternates to northbound U.S. 15.